Telecoms & Media

The telecommunications industry is entering a new phase of its lifecycle where attractive growth rates which have been observed during the past two decades are no longer sustained. The wave of change which started with the liberalisation of the sector, the introduction of mobile communications, and the introduction of mobile internet has spurred the growth and reach of a multitude of telecommunications related industries, services, and applications.

The current state of disintermediation of operators from content and applications, as well as the saturation of demand for basic connectivity services leaves industry executives puzzled with little visibility as to where the future of the industry lies.

TandemVision helps operators in solving high impact strategic issues such as evaluating the impact of adjacent services on the operators, identifying potential sources of growth, identifying the best operating models to integrate innovative services into their portfolio, benchmarking, cost optimisation, marketing strategies for operators, optimisation of distribution and service channels, and the assessment of alternative technologies, strategic risks and their financial impact.

The media industry is faced with a sweeping wave of change as advances in digital content delivery and in social interaction are threatening "old media" businesses. Progress in technology and infrastructure is reshaping consumer behaviour. Content producers are faced with a recurring predicament: How to compete with free content?

TandemVision helps media providers across the value chain to manage the risks of technology disruption, to identify opportunities arising from innovative content delivery models, to broaden their offerings, and to transform business models to expand their reach and better monetise their products and services.


Telecoms & Media