Manufacturing & Logistics

As manufacturing companies try to weather the storm of the global economic slowdown and increasing credit rates, they face the challenge of preserving margins and securing a long-term growth horizon. The manufacturing world is changing rapidly under free trade regimes, incessant market price pressures, global manufacturing choices, and rapidly changing technology. Companies face the tough and impactful choices to relocate some of their production, leading to uneasy human resource decisions and the added complexity of integrating different elements of the production chain.

Also, the intensity of competition raises the expectation in terms of total quality management, which in turn requires transformational initiatives within the organisation and often increases production and management costs.

TandemVision helps manufacturing Clients to evaluate opportunities of merger, acquisition, or organic growth. We study market needs, internal capabilities and recommend a course of action that will maximise shareholder value in the specific environment where our Clients evolve. We also help them evaluate the impact of introducing new quality standards, streamline their supply chain and improve the efficiency of their internal processes. TandemVision also helps its Clients in developing a people strategy that is in line with the direction of their strategy to manage change successfully.

Just like the manufacturing sector, the logistics world is facing the pressure of intense competition from new entrants and the emergence of new hubs with more favourable regulation and better facilities. The poor level of predictability of transportation costs influences the growth prospects of Logistics companies and reducing margins. On the other hand, the demand and expectations of customers who seek integrated and personalised logistical solutions is boosting the Third-Party Logistics sector, which has created attractive growth opportunities and a wave of consolidation in the logistics world.

TandemVision helps logistics providers to evaluate organic and inorganic growth opportunities. We help Clients in re-structuring their supply-chain offerings in response to market demand, and in identifying niches of service within mature markets. We help clients to re-engineer their core processes and introduce IT solutions in order to achieve proper efficiency.


Manufacturing & Logistics